CNG forum slaps down suggestion to increase gas prices by 40% in Sindh, Balochistan

Photo: Reuters

A suggestion to increase CNG prices by 40% in Sindh and Balochistan was rejected on Saturday by the All Pakistan CNG Forum. During a meeting in Karachi, the association said that a 40% price increase would take the CNG price to Rs105 per kg.

The briefing was attended by workers, transporters and various other stakeholders. If the suggestion were accepted, the per unit price of gas will also increase by Rs280 to Rs980.

“There would be no difference in petrol and gas if CNG prices go up,” said All Pakistan CNG Forum Chairperson Abdul Sami Khan.

The president of the Karachi Transport Union, Irshad Bukhari, said that if the price of CNG goes up, they will go on strike.

The forum has requested Prime Minster Imran Khan not to increase CNG prices unless a consensus is reached.



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