Facebook, Instagram accounts being sold for $3.9 on the dark web

Photo: Reuters

Hackers are now selling stolen Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Fornite accounts. Some people are also selling botnets.

After the recent cyber attack, the Facebook login details of stolen accounts are surfacing on the dark web for $3.90. A report by a UK firm suggests that these details are sold to companies who are engaged in targeted advertising.

The users’ privacy is breached by the hackers as they can access private information, lock people out of their accounts and even sell them to criminals.

The cyber attack gave attackers the same level of access to any accounts people use Facebook to log in with, like Instagram, Spotify and Tinder.

Hackers are also advertising botnets on their Instagram profiles and stories. They claim it to be a Mirai-based botnet to attack websites or servers. Root Senpai, who sells various hacking-related goods on Instagram confirmed this, reports Motherboard.

The gaming community is also being targeted by the hackers. Accounts on popular game Fornite are also being sold, which come with rare character skins and game money. Users’ payment information has also been also compromised. Hackers use it to buy game upgrades and transfer it to other accounts.



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