Muslim couple tackled by police in Manchester purchase limit row

Photo: Reuters

Two people were tackled by Manchester police officers after a purchase limit row at a Tesco superstore in Rochdale.

Nasir Hussain and his wife Mahira Hussain bought a trolley-load of Volvic water, but they weren’t allowed to purchase it as store’s cashier said it was against the store’s policy.

Mahira made a video of her husband, in which he says that Tesco’s superstores have different policies and they have bought 20 water bottles from other branches.

The situation escalated after a police officer intervened. Another video showed the couple being wrestled to the ground before being hauled away in handcuffs.

“To be honest I am absolutely shocked something like this could ever happen. From a young age I’ve always thought if you have a problem, call a police officer. I don’t think I will ever ask a police officer for help again in my life,” he told Metro.

“The water was just for home, my missus drinks two litres of Volvic a day. We’d already put half the bottles through the checkout when the manager said you can’t take that many,” he added.

The Greater Manchester Police said that the Nasir and his wife, both of Oldham, were charged with assaulting a police officer.

“The officer spoke to both parties involved before asking a man to leave. The officer was assaulted and suffered injuries to his face,” the police said.

Tesco has offered to help with the investigation of the case.



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