Nintendo may be introducing a playable Gameboy phone case

Photo: AFP

Gameboy could be revived by Nintendo as it has plans to release a playable phone case.

This case can turn a smartphone into a functioning Gameboy replica. The classic rectangular Gameboy design case would fold over a phone. The case will have physical buttons that can deliver the input to the touchscreen. There will also be a square cutout that will serve as the screen.

Nintendo submitted an application for a patent in March 2017 in Japan, reports The Verge.

Photo: Courtesy: United States Patent and Trademark Office

Nintendo will have to overcome technical challenges as smartphone cases are model specific. To support different phones, a variety of cases must be released or else players won’t be able to play for a long time if they upgrade their phones.

Without the need to buy a new expensive gadget, users can enjoy the Gameboy experience if Nintendo’s plan is successful.



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