Pakistan’s programme to combat polio gets replicated in four countries

Source: AFP

The eVaccs programme, initiated by the Punjab IT Board to combat polio, is now being replicated in countries all over the world.

The concept behind eVaccs is simple. Giving health workers low-budget smartphones with an app that helps them track their progress and stay connected with the central database. The programme was initially launched in June 2014 in four districts of Punjab, by October it was being implemented in 36 districts.

As a result of this programme, attendance of polio workers increased from 36% to 97%. It also ensured that no village was missed by the polio workers. In 2014 when the programme was launched, a whopping 294 cases of polio were reported in Pakistan ─ the most in any country of the world. Two years later in 2016, only 19 cases were reported.

Source: MIT Technology Review

According to a story by The Telegraph, this programme has inspired similar programmes in Ethiopia, Congo, Mozambique and Afghanistan. Pakistan is one of the two countries where polio has not yet been eradicated.



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