Seven injured in clashes between protesters and police at Peshawar University

Six protesters and one police officer were injured in clashes at the Peshawar University on Thursday.

Four students were treated at the Khyber Teaching hospital for minor injuries. The police arrested 28 students. 

The police said that the students were marching towards the vice-chancellor’s office, and they became violent when asked to stop. However, the students said that they were protesting peacefully but the police baton-charged them.

The officials said that majority of the protesters belong to student organisations, which have political links.

According to the university, the protesters include those graduates years ago but were still living in hostels. The administration vacated 70 rooms in September to make space for new students.

Since then, the students have accused the varsity of corruption, harassment and fee hike. The student organisations and Khalil Mohmand tribe are trying to pressurise the admin, the varsity officials said.

Khalil Mohmand tribe lives near the Peshawar University. They say that the land for the university was donated by their ancestors and they should be allowed to pass through it.

The admin said that the Gate 2 is open for their use despite security threat.




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