Seven ways to protect yourself online

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The FIA arrested someone for creating a fake account and posting pictures of a woman. 

The agency’s Cyber Crime Circle, Peshawar sprung into action on Thursday when a man reported that someone shared his sister’s  pictures via a fake Facebook account. He said that after the photo was posted, his sister’s fiancé broke off their engagement.

According to the FIA, the suspect was a friend of the girl.

Recently, a Pashtun singer was sent to jail on judicial remand for creating a fake account and uploading pictures of a woman who lives in Peshawar. The FIA’s cyber crime cell arrested her on September 27.

The singer, Muneeba Shah, was accused of creating a fake account under the name of a woman who lives in Peshawar and uploading pictures of the woman and her family without their permission. She was presented before the court where she admitted to her crime. She also admitted to using her brother Ahmed Faraz’s number to create the fake account. The court has sent to jail on judicial remand for 14 days.

The number of cyber crimes are rising every day so SAMAA TV spoke to Nighat Dad, the founder of the Digital Rights Foundation, and Rafay Baloch, an ‘ethical’ hacker, to find out how people can protect themselves from cyber crime.

  1. Don’t share your personal data on social media, especially data that can be used to manipulate you in the future
  2. Don’t keep any incriminating pictures on your phone and definitely don’t send them to anyone
  3. Make your account passwords very strong
  4. Re-check your social media settings to make sure you’ve got the maximum level of security
  5. Always keep your phone memory cards encrypted.
  6. Keep a backup of your mobile data on your laptop, not a social media account
  7. Once a fake account has been made or the pictures have been spread, file a complaint with the FIA immediately

On Tuesday, the interior ministry issued a notification allowing the FIA to set up 15 new cyber crime reporting centres across the country.

Earlier this year reporting a cyber crime was made easier for internet users when the FIA’s Sindh division launched a web portal (  where people can register their complaints. Sindh became the first province to take such an initiative.



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