The residents of Karachi could learn a lesson from the Chinese on how to keep their city clean

Residents of Karachi are used to seeing garbage — piles of it on our streets, in front of our houses and in our parks – but very few people actually get up and do something about it.

Well, it seems we need to learn a lesson from the Chinese. On Sunday morning at 7am, a group of Chinese nationals were spotted picking up trash at Hilal Park in DHA’s Phase VI.

Armed with plastic bags and metal tongs, they scoured the park for garbage and promptly picked it up.

One resident of the city posted about the impromptu cleaning drive on Facebook.

She said that she has seen quite a bit of trash at Hilal Park and has become immune to it, as many of the residents of the city have. But when she saw a group of Chinese nationals picking up trash after walking around the park, she said she was ashamed.

Maybe we should be teaching our children (and ourselves) that taking ownership of a place is more than just living in it. Picking up a stray plastic bag may not seem like a big deal but a little effort can go a long way.



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