These tourist spots in Balochistan are perfect for a weekend getaway

Photo: Courtesy Moola Chotok Waterfalls/Facebook

Are you sick of wasting your weekend sitting at home in front of the TV or going to the mall? Well we’ve got some good news for you: there are loads of places in Balochistan where you can experience nature at its best.

SAMAA Digital has compiled a list of places in Balochistan where you can go for the day or the whole weekend.

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Kund Malir

The four-hour drive from Karachi to Balochistan may seem daunting but we promise it’s worth it. The clear blue sea at Kund Malir is unlike anything you’ll see in Karachi. You can spend a lazy day relaxing at the beach or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go scuba diving or cliff jumping.

Photo: Courtesy Muhammad Sharjeel Ashraf/Facebook

Princess of Hope

Driving a mere 15 minutes ahead and you will find yourself in front of the iconic Princess of Hope. With her arms wrapped around herself, the Princess of Hope stands tall amid edgy mountains. The rock formation is famous not only in Pakistan but around the world. And why not? A single glance could make you fall in love.

Photo: Courtesy BeautyofPakistan.com

Hingol National Park

If you like wildlife but haven’t seen much more than stray cats and dogs in Karachi, the Hingol National Park is the place for you. Spread over 6,000 square kilometres of coastal highway, the park has loads of animals for you to see.

Hinglaj Mata

In the Hinglaj Park is one of the oldest Hindu temples built for goddess Nani Mata. The temple is thousands of years old and if you visit you can hear stories told over those thousand years. If you want to spend a day exploring a historical site and basking in its serenity, this is the place for you.

Photo: Courtesy Sherbaz Baloch/Facebook

Gondrani Caves

Another masterpiece of nature is just three hours away. The Gondrani Caves are thousands of years old and spread over 20km of land. If you’re interested in archaeological sites, this caves are the place for you. Only 500 caves are left.

Residents of the area believe these caves weren’t dug out by humans, instead they say the caves are the work of jinns and fairies. Others believe that a woman named Mai Gondrani competed with these jins and cleaned this place of their possession. They say she still protects the caves.

Photo: Courtesy Moola Chotok Waterfalls/Facebook

Moola Chotok

Balochistan is a big province. It’s so big that many spots haven’t even been explored yet. One such spot is Moola Chotok, a newly discovered hot spring that is a six-hour drive from Karachi. Located in Khuzdar district, it is known for its beautiful streams and has become a favourite spot for tourists.

The only problem is that the way there is pretty rough. If you plan on visiting it’s best not to travel in a small car.

Things to remember:

Remember to stock up on snacks and drinks on your trip and make sure you have a spare tyre. Also remember that you might not be able to get mobile phone signals everywhere you go.



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